Let us curate your NFT into the physical world for you to FLEX in real life!


Let us curate your NFT into the physical world for you to FLEX in real life!


FLEXtini 10″

Illuminated 10″x10″x3″ acrylic enclosure with 5 layered panels


Illuminated 24″x24″x3″ acrylic enclosure with 5 layered panels


Full custom. Any size, shape or style. We can do it all.


Do you want to FLEX your digital art with a physical art piece? FLEXY is the leading fan art company in the US. We have a talented team full of NFT collectors, crypto enthusiasts, bad ass designers and amazing products!


The Futurist

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The Futurist of Flex

I am a Wisconsin to Minnesota transplant post-college. With a base of knowledge in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and business-building under great mentors, I became an acquisition entrepreneur.

Family and Friends power me through Laughter, Knowledge, and Business idea-sharing. And oh yes, nachos help too!

I’m passionate about NFT’s with long-term utility and building businesses with great people!

The Idea Wizard

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The Idea Wizard

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I lived in Los Angeles in my early 20’s. Los Angeles offered a vast exposure to marketing, promoting, a variety of beautiful cultures and best of all, any type of food you crave, ALL at the palm of your hand. 

Minnesota brought me back to my roots. Exposing the world to the talent in Minneapolis when relating to Art, Technology, Crypto & WEB 3, has become a passion of mine.

I am sometimes referred to as a Swiss army knife. I can wear many hats. I am an idea guy. When one pops in my head, I run full speed ahead.

After a day of work full of NFTs, Crypto, art, marketing, analytics, and so on…I love walking in the door to see my beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters, two cats named Meow Meow and Tuxi, and our pup Einstein.

The G.S.D.

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The G.S.D. (Get Shit Done)

After an 18 year career in financial services came to an end in late 2021, I decided it was time for a completely new industry!

The GSD is me. I thrive when I work with an innovative and creative team and can help provide accountability to get work completed, provide clarity, communication, and consistency needed to “get s#%t done!”

I’m excited to help you flex your NFTs!

The Art Scientist

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The Art Scientist

Forever concocting new illustrations in my laboratory <maniacal laughter and lighting strikes>,

I am a Minneapolis-based artist and graphic designer with an eye for creating weird, colorful, whimsical portals to other worlds.

My strange(ly creative) mind will be aiding you on your quest to flex your goods.

The Brogrammer

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The Web 3.0 Brogrammer

Bio coming soon!


These are cool, but do you have any other options?

Yes! We can create anything! Our Ultimate Flex option is for those looking for something completely custom.

Can I copy the design of a FLEXY and manufacture my own layered art piece?

First off shame on you for being one of those people. Secondly, the answer is NO! All of our current and future designs are Patent Pending. 

Do these art pieces have a digital display?

No, this is a premium hand made one of a kind Fan Art Piece, what are you waiting for??

Can I FLEX an NFT that I don't own?

No, you damn right-clicking sob! Please only upload images that you personally own. You will have to select a verification of ownership to place an order with FLEXY.

Can I FLEX other collectible items that aren't NFTS?

Yes! We can help you flex baseball cards, concert tickets, art, and much much more…

Do you partner with NFT projects?

Yes! We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with. Interested in partnering up? Complete this form.

How long does it take for me to get my new Flexy?

Since each piece is custom made, please expect a 2-3 week lead time.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on your pieces LED lights and power supply.

We help curate your NFT into the physical world for you to flex in real life